Public Access

Following the introduction of the Public Access Scheme in 2004, over a quarter of Landmark’s members are now qualified to offer affordable legal services in Chambers’ main areas of practice directly to members of the public.

What is Public Access?
The Public Access Scheme allows members of the public to instruct an authorised barrister of Landmark Chambers directly. Our barristers are qualified to:

  • provide you with expert legal advice about the merits and potential outcomes of your case
  • assist you with drafting correspondence
  • help to draft statements from litigants and witnesses
  • draft formal court documents
  • advise you on suitable experts and draft instructions to expert witnesses
  • offer you advice on the next steps to be taken in proceedings
  • assist you in trying to resolve your case
  • represent you in court.

Eligibility for Legal Aid
Barristers are not able to undertake any publicly funded (“legal aid”) work under the Public Access Scheme, nor can they carry out any means test for you. If you think that you may be eligible for public funding, you can check by completing the Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator.

If you are eligible for legal aid but prefer to instruct a barrister directly, you can do so on a privately funded basis. We will explain the implications of instructing a barrister privately and the likely costs you will incur once we have discussed your requirements.

Instructing a Public Access Barrister
If you are interested in instructing one of our barristers then please get in touch by completing our online form. A member of our Practice Management Team will aim to respond to your enquiry within three working days.

Further Information

Further information regarding Public Access may be found on the Bar Council and Bar Standards Board’s websites.

Please click here, to view details of the Bar Council’s Direct (Public) Access Scheme.

Please click here, to view the Bar Standards Board’s Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients.

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