Third Six Opportunities

Landmark occasionally offers third six placements (sometimes referred to by the Bar Council as Probationary Tenancies).

The aim of a third six is to allow a person who has completed a 12-month pupillage elsewhere, an opportunity to learn about Chambers’ practice areas, with a view to being taken on as a member of Chambers at the end of the six months. It is similar to a second-six pupillage, in that those undertaking a third six will typically sit with two supervisors for three months each, alongside undertaking work for other members of Chambers and end of seat assessments. Landmark offers a financial award for third six placements, however we expect that there will be opportunities for those undertaking a third six to take on their own work during the six-month period.

We do not currently have any vacancies for a third six placement. Any future vacancies will be advertised on this webpage, typically around July each year.

For further information, please contact our HR and Administration Manager, Natasha White-Foy

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